Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Very first post!

Hello, this is the start of my very own blog! I've been reading over many different blogs for awhile now, and wondered why I have never started my own. I love being able to go to a my very own place and "bug" more people than my husband on the many different things I want to try. The main purpose of this blog is other than making a timeline for me to look back on over time, is just to record our renovation process. We inherited our first home and we would now like to make it our "own".  We are on a budget, like most of us are, so I'm going through many different websites and finding cheap and easy ways to decorate.  I’ll give shout outs to the websites we use. I also love finding new recipes to try out for our growing family. We pretty much love any and everything. Thanks for reading and please post any ideas that you may have! Thanks!!

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